The Hyperion Solutions Corporation, which was purchased by Oracle Corporation in 2007 is the software firm based in Santa Clara, California. Many of its goods have been aimed at enterprise intelligence and management markets.


Ancestry is a gem or plugin which can be organized to create the tree structure for Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord.


Scientific research on the inheritance principles and changes of heritage characteristics among organisms.


The Red language is influenced by the Rebol language, but compiled and therefore offers a larger variety of applications ... from device drivers to high-level applications. The prototype based object assistance is functional, imperative and Symbolic.


Conduit is a solution to streaming data problems which allows data streams to be produced in constant memory, processed and consumed. It is an alternative to lazy I / O which guarantees deterrent resource management.


R Package concerned mainly with information for the panel. The package includes a number of panel data calculators and experiments.


Waf is a framework based on Python that allows apps to be configured, compiled and installed. The concept is based on other building instruments such as Scons, Autotools, CMake or Ant.


Kong is an open source management layer with a focus on high efficiency and reliability of micro services and APIs.


Robot process Automation (RPA) is a robotics or artificial intelligence technology based on the concept of software robots.


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers cloud computing facilities that allow you to create and store information on Google's Infrastructure apps and sites.