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I am looking for a 2D animator to edit this movie ( with a small scene and a new object.

I am creating a product that will be sold on Amazon. I want to position this product as something that would help you be healthy, productive, athletic, intelligent etc (just like the RIGHT portion of the movie in youtube).

I want to show that my product helps the customer to remember and "refocus" when we is having problems and moving closer to the LEFT portion of the movie in youtube.

So we would get the movie from youtube and edit it adding a scene where the character sees that he is being sloppy and moving into LEFT and the product would refocus him and get him into RIGHT.

EXAMPLE: We could use the office scene and add my product above the character's table and let him see it and remember to focus on his goals and be more RIGHT. So this would be an easier edit just adding an object and a quick scene, for example.

PS: I am open to talk and get your suggestions.

Thank you!
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