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A quick introduction about ourselves. Weu2019re a team of developers working for healthcare especially for yoga.

We have around 20 product plan (Yoga plan) which help to cure or manage many lifestyle disease or disorder.

Simply head over to [login to view URL] and experience it first-hand.

Weu2019re looking for a Content writer to join our team and enrich our websites with blog

posts, guides, and healthcare content.

We are writing blogs for the people who are having same disease problem. Especially those who want to manage it by Yoga therapy & nutrition / diet at home without side-effects.

Here is the full definition of the work.

1. There are around 40 subjects.

2. So weu2019ll write around 2 blogs per subject.

3. Refer to this sample blog: [login to view URL]


* Research disease and yoga related concept and topics.

* Draw the graphs/figures required of find eye catch images for that particular subject. We have licence of few paid website for images.

* Surely, the blog needs to be written keeping the u201cHow yoga can manage particular diseaseu201d in


* Point out important topics and also point out least important topics in the

perspective of yoga and diet

* Add some basic and simple examples

* Use many images (and sometimes memes to make it funny).

* One featured image is compulsory. You may use copyright-free image platforms to

find them. Donu2019t forget to include the source for each image.

* 1200 words.

* SEO optimized. ABSOLUTE requirement. Iu2019ll provide a focus keyword for every

blog and just stuff it smartly.

* Well-formatted content with regular headings and simple sentences rather than

complicated ones.


* Grammatical mistakes are not tolerated in this business. Make sure to use


* I wonu2019t bore you any more than this. More explanation over a phone call!


Write an article containing only 400-500 words.

Title u2013 How Yoga can help you manage your diabetes

The judging criteria are simple:

1. SEO techniques you follow in this blog.

2. Catchy content and your sense of humor

3. Depth of your subject knowledge

4.Q & A for blog

5. The country of your origin. Kidding! Only the above 4 criteria are what you need to

keep in mind.

Looking forward to working with you :)

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